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Management - Training, Support & Development

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eATO is offering ad hoc management training and (academic) support to civil aviation based on decades of worldwide in-house & hands-on experience for a variety of operators, authorities and training organizations.

Course emphasis is on applicable legislation & documents, tips & tricks for daily use and mitigating strategies for ‘common errors’ .

Airline, business jet operator, approved training organisation, competent authority?

If you need discrete advice, know-how and/or support then we are happy to offer you real solutions! Doing so, we already made many happy new customers and are confident to match same results for your project or enterprise.

Training can be performed at our Belgian headquarters or at any location worldwide. We have extensive EASA ,FAA, GCAA experience to offer!

a list of the most commonly offered trainings:

  • ATO
    • Accountable Manager
    • Compliance Monitoring Manager
    • Safety Management System Manager
    • Head of Training
  • CAA
    • Collaborator - Licensing & Training
    • Collaborator - Technical
    • Collaborator - OPS
    • Collaborator - Audit Techniques
  • OPR
    • Training Manager
    • IOSA Auditor
    • Flight Operations Manager
    • Safety Management System Manager
    • Compliance Manager
  • EASA
    • Legislation - Licensing & training
    • Legislation - Technical
    • Legislation - OPS

Since our main training location is at the epicenter of Belgian astronomy, nobody goes home without an eye-opening ‘peek at the moon & planets’ using a state-of-the-art telescope or if you prefer to listen to the sun & universe, a radio-telescope.

There is also an official KMI weather observation station on site and last but not least, a planetarium to create a unique experience parallel to your course and a top location to expand your professional network!

On the Job Training of Post Holders

Changing the game !

The training of post holders, managers and staff, does not limit itself to class room training, but is enhanced with "on the job" experience and follow-up of candidates that were previously in training at eATO. This is the so-called eATO Post-Holder-After-Care-Program.

Implementation of SMS and Compliance Monitoring Systems

As eATO holds a proper EASA ATO approval, it must be compliant with PART-ORA that obliged it to set-up and maintain a Safety and Compliance Monitoring System (SMS and CMS). eATO is offering its systems, manuals and knowhow to other companies, wishing to implement existing knowledge and systems, rather than going through the entire process of proper development and experience build-up.

Threat and Error Management

Pre-Audit / Audit Preparation

In order to prepare your company for an upcoming audit of your civil aviation related activities by the Competent Authority of Oversight, EASA, or IOSA.

eATO can perform pre-audits to indicate strong-points, possible weak-points and areas that require improvement, in order to avoid findings. Depending on the size and nature of your organization, the pre-audit can be either very limited, or more extensive.


Our most offered services:

  • Auditing
  • Management
  • Management training, SMS or quality projects
  • Threat and error management
  • Writing manuals

Drop an email with your personal request for a more detailed and efficient solution.

RNAV-AR Training Projects

We offer a variety of enhanced PBN training solutions tailored to your needs. It is our in-house and world-wide experience that will make the difference!

Enroll to better understand the future of navigating aircraft on complex approach profiles using on-board equipment.

Flight and Cabin Crew Recurrent Training Projects

Thinking of outsourcing your recurrent training program? Sharing costs with others can offer you better budget control and above all a regained focus on what really matters to ensure the success of your enterprise.

Let us bring you peace of mind and an efficient solution for your recurrent training, no matter how special your operation is !

Multi-Crew Pilot Licence Projects

An ICAO study, commissioned in 2004, reviewed the regulations, structure and methodology by which airline pilots were trained and a new philosophy for better training and preparing pilots for the modern Multi-Crew environment was born, in the form of the Multi-Crew Pilot Licence.

A Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) training course incorporates airline specific standard operating procedures from an early stage in training and this requires an airline to mentor pre-selected cadets through a specific course and into type, base and line training on a specific aircraft.

An average course takes about 18 months to achieve licence issue, from where line training and employment with the mentoring airline commences.

Each MPL course is specific to a particular partner airline, designed for a specific fleet and must be specifically approved by the competent authority of the licence holder and the operator.

Initial Operator Experience

Starting-up or deploying a new type of aircraft and/or operating is a known drain to available resources and a known nightmare for the people in charge of the commercial health of your enterprise.

It is here that our experts can make the difference and reduce the side-effects of your company's expansion.

We can offer a variety of support from academic to hands-on experience and make the difference.

Your success is our motivation!

Examiner Training & Development

2017 Examiner Refresher Seminar, click here for more info

BCAA logo

This course has a six-year proven record of success, first for the UK and now for the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority. It was one of the very first EASA compliant courses back in 2013.

Additionally, training is conducted under the wings of your future competent authority of oversight and therefore efficiently tailored to its specific needs and modus operandi.

Not only will you benefit from a personal introduction to the BCAA management and licensing department, but you will also be exempted from additional standardization briefings and therefore benefit from a better product and qualify in a more efficient time frame.

Although highly experienced, we are not limited to ‘the more traditional’ airline business but equally present on the business aviation scene!

If you choose to enroll, you will be trained beyond the ‘minimum required’ market standards and be, upon successful completion of the course, a real expert that can provide answers and solutions in close coordination with the Belgian CAA license department.

If you are an experienced SFI, TRI or CRI (HPCA) and you are sponsored by an operator then do not hesitate to enroll. We can, beyond doubt, prepare you for this impressive career move and make the difference!

Course attendance is subject to BCAA approval, so please be prepared for an initial screening and interview. Rest assured we have what it takes to make this a comfortable journey.

For those still in doubt, these are your advantages:

Below you can download some interesting documents regarding the examiner course.


Course information leaflet for individuals opting for personal coaching. For groups and airlines tailored solutions with flexible tutoring schemes and important discounts are readily available.

Type-­Rating Examiner Manual

An extract of the standardization and reference document developed in conjunction with the Belgian CAA. Order your personal copy via admin@eato.be.

Type-­Rating Examiner Manual

A comprehensive preparation guideline defining the required BCAA course prerequisites and ensuring the required course preparation and entry-level knowledge. It also contains additional advice for optimum course planning and logistics.


eATO course attendants can find a database of course reference material to facilitate accurate course preparation and a standardized reference of selected and verified material.

Access is password protected. Contact eATO to request or update access.

Instructor Training & Development

Next Available Course: August 2017

Instructor section photo

Are you looking for a new challenge in your career and you consider further personal development into a type or HPC(A) class rating instructor role?

Become part of the next generation of instructors that will make the difference!

Our course tutors possess a multitude of technical and people skills gained from decades of working experience for major flag carriers, business jet operators and other major key players in the industry.

Tailoring the message to the receiver and getting it across to the receiver through multicultural and interpersonal barriers will become your second nature !

We are privileged to work closely with the Belgian CAA, which ensures a high level of compliance and a training tailored to the current needs of the industry.

You will be trained beyond the ‘minimum required’ market standards and upon successful completion of the course, be a real expert ready for his/her next confident career move.


To facilitate the number one priority of instructor standardization, eATO course attendants can access an extended database of standardization video’s. Access is password protected. These videos are used to standardize instructors and to serve as discussion reference material during instructor courses.

Click here for access or contact eATO administration to request or update your personal access.

One sample video is publically available. It addresses an ELEC AC BUS 1 FAULT.

Advanced Training & Development

Pilot section image

eATO, or BE/ATO-216, is an EASA approved training organisation operating from headquarters in Belgium.

We can facilitate any flight crew training solution for individual pilots, groups or companies.

Our training solutions are EASA EU 1178/2011 and OSD compliant, on top we are closely monitored by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority, our partner in safety and compliance.

A worldwide network of simulators, senior instructors and examiners is strategically deployed and at your service. We are solution orientated but always consider strict compliance and delivering quality of high importance!

Our partners, course tutors, instructors and examiners have proven records and decades of experience in a variety of major and mostly flag carriers, ensuring a modus operandi that guarantees both a safe return on investment and your personal career development.

Initial MPA type rating trainings do not belong to eATO’s core business plan.
Recognizing the superior expertise and facilities of our partners in this field we are happy to introduce your pilots without hesitation, free of charge.

MPA/SPA Type/Class Rating Revalidation and Renewal Training

When your EASA type rating has lapsed, an approved ATO must produce an individual renewal training based on experience, proven abilities and the period of the lapse.

A personal assessment including interview and/or theoretical exam and/or a simulator assessment may therefore be required.

Upon a successful completion of this renewal training a course completion certificate is issued. This certificate is required before the renewal LPC can be conducted with the examiner of your choice.

In case you just seek a revalidation within the preceding 3 months of the expiry date the above is not required. In that case we can offer you a TRE should you require one.

If the revalidation or renewal LPC has to include low visibility operations beyond CATI, then a recurrent training course completion course/briefing shall be presented to the examiner

Drop an email with your personal request for a more personal and efficient solution.

Low Visibility Operations – Recurrent Training

When you are not currently flying for an EASA and approved LVO operator then it is impossible to extent the privileges of your type rating to IFR minima lower than CATI without certified recurrent training provided by an approved ATO.

We can provide the necessary training!

Drop an email with your personal request for a more personal and efficient solution.

EASA Type/Class Rating Conversion

Many of us are currently flying as expat-pilots and may have, after all these years of working abroad, started to develop a taste for returning closer to home.

If you like to convert your non-EASA type rating in anticipation, then we can offer you a swift solution.

Drop an email with your personal request for a more detailed and efficient solution.

ATPL Skill Test

If you would like to feel a bit more secure in your current job or want to stand better chances on the job front, then we can provide the necessary training to enhance your flight deck management skills and ‘unfreeze’ your ATPL.

This will offer you the full benefit of your professional qualifications, a definite MUST when applying for a job abroad!

Drop an email with your personal request for a more detailed and efficient solution.


We offer a wide spectrum of individual solutions regarding all aspects of this next generation way of IFR flying.

Drop an email with your personal request for a more personal and efficient solution.


Here you find extracts of interesting books, manuals and publications covering a variety of subject matter related topics.


A practical approach to operation mathematics with lots of tips and trips for use when your FMS fails on you. The extract offers comprehensive introduction of the famous ‘1/60 rule’ and various tools for energy and vertical profile management, calculation of lateral drift/wind correction and for those engaging in ultra long range or ETOPS flights an enhanced background on equal time points or a calculation of point of no return.

Type-­Rating Examiner Manual

An extract of the standardization and reference document developed in conjunction with the Belgian CAA. Order your personal copy via admin@eato.be.

Type-­Rating Examiner Manual

A comprehensive preparation guideline defining the required BCAA course prerequisites and ensuring the required course preparation and entry-level knowledge. It also contains additional advice for optimum course planning and logistics.


A handout for a better understanding of the different elements of an aircraft load & balance sheet developed for a second officer training.

It will take you beyond the regular knowledge of the definitions and, for example, create a proper awareness as to what influence shifting a 1 ton mass across the cargo holds has on the balance and (in)controllability of an aircraft.


An extract of an Airbus A320 performance handout developed for a partner who is engaged in Airbus type rating training.


A UK CAA initiative to address the seven top safety risks identified by the CAA safety risk analysis process. This paper consolidates the findings and recommendations into one document and contributes to a safer environment by raising awareness and promoting training.

Corresponding leaflet, click here.


The level bust issue is one that has been a concern to the aviation industry for over 10 years now. The deviation of an aircraft from its assigned flight level, for whatever reason clearly jeopardizes safety.

This action plan specifically addresses the subject of level bust prevention and will assist in reducing the increasing number of level bust incidents by a harmonized application of existing ICAO provisions.



Green light — “Cleared for Takeoff”!


Freelance Job Opportunities


Belgian Type-Rating Examiner Course




2017 — Belgian CAA — Examiner Seminars

Contact / Location


Do you want to speak with an eATO representative or manager regarding our offered services or products? Please contact us on admin@eato.be and leave us your personal request together with your contact details.

Common Training Locations


Antwerp Airport - Box 4

Luchthavenlei 1

2100 Deurne - Antwerp (Belgium)

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Main training facility

(Planetarium Urania)

Jozef Mattheessensstraat 60B

B-2540 Hove (Belgium)

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Belgian CAA

FOD Mobiliteit en Vervoer

Directoraat-generaal Luchtvaart

Vooruitgangstraat 56


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SIM Paris

26 avenue de la Demi-Lune,

CS47069 Roissy en France

95 913 Roissy — Charles de Gaulle Cedex,


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